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David Grudl is a programmer (PHP since 1999) and publicist, interested in the security of web applications and the creation of user interfaces. He is the author of popular open source projects Nette Framework, database layer dibi, human friendy markup to XHTML converter Texy! and others. David began to write applications in the DOS era, now focuses solely on web-based applications in PHP. He offers development services, training and consultancy on PHP. více »

Do you really want to know more? All right. David Grudl was born in Břeclav, Czech Republic, even during the period of socialism. The first programming experience gained with the TNS computer. He graduated on grammar school, then he attended high schools in Brno. Occasionally, he worked as a graphic designer for an advertising agency and newspaper typographer.

In 1999 he founded the company selling wireless devices, and began to be interested in web design, because he was stingy to pay student to create an e-shop. Web design gradually became his main interest.

In 2004 he launched La Trine, purely technical blog with overwhelming non-technical articles. Originally on the domain dgx.cz, which, however, in 2008 sold at exorbitant price to the new owner. La Trine belongs among the most widely read Czech blogs. The author learned to tolerate critical and insulting comments from anonymous.

In early 2005 he released his first open-source library Texy! for easy typing and formatting text for the web. The library has become popular, it runs on the abundant amount of web sites, from blogs to complex e-shops, such as Mall.cz. A year later released the database layer Dibi, which also met with considerable favor among programmers. A year later comes the biggest project Nette Framework.

Unlike previous libraries, Nette Framework became popular even before anyone saw him. It was officially presented at the conference PHP frameworks Autumn 2007, several months later released. Today is one of the most widely used PHP frameworks in Czechia, in the references there are a number of multinational companies. David Grudl offers a public training Nette Framework, and JQuery & AJAX course. Around framework was established strong community of programmers who meet each month on the Last Saturday event.

In 2008, David Grudl understand how Twitter works and started to twit as @DavidGrudl. During Microsoft's con­ference BUILD 2011 he founded separate account @Geeks for computer stuff.

In January 2010, he created the web site of President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus that is Nette Framework powered. A few months later, he, his girlfriend and dog moved to Prague.

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Projects & Startups

Nette Framework

Nette Framework

A popular tool for creating web applications in PHP. Powerful and understandable tool that satisfies the programmers. It eliminates security risks, honors for AJAX, DRY, KISS, MVC and code reuse.



Dibi is a smart and tiny database abstraction library for PHP 5 with very handy API.



Texy is text-to-HTML formatter. It allows you to write structured documents using easy-to-read plain text.



ApiGen is the tool for creating professional API documentation from PHP 5.4 source code.



NEON is a human friendly data serialization format for programming languages, similar to YAML.






David Grudl
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